Our management team are trusted in the market, highly knowledgeable and responsive. Our services are free of charge to our clients and valued by those who use us.

Arbitra is a members list of leading arbitrators and mediators. We act as the first port of call for those seeking to appoint the most appropriate tribunal in any disputes. 

We can provide options of arbitrators, mediators, dispute board members and adjudicators in a wide range of sectors and jurisdictions. 

We ensure diaries are managed to meet client expectations from start to finish. 

What sets us apart?

  • Our management team offers over 60 years industry expereince.
  • We are impartial.
  • We manage our members diaries ensuring timely awards.
  • We provide parties with access to hard-to-reach neutrals. 
  • We provide options globally. 

Our core values

  • To provide appropriate candidates without bias.
  • If we don’t have the right person, to recommend externally.
  • To keep our global network up to date and ever growing.
  • To continue to be a trusted source.
  • To be consistently responsive and attentive across all time zones.


"The team are very approachable' and 'spend a lot of time investing in relationships with law firms".

"The management team provides the highest level of service and go above and beyond for clients".

"The team are always considered, thoughtful and truly understand the requirements of a case and my requirements as instructing solicitor".

"The Arbitra team have a deep knowledge of client dynamics and can assist us accordingly.  They represent the personification of first-class practice management and in my view are always my first phone call when seeking to appoint".